Research Day, 2022

The live session was cancelled due to a COVID surge but the abstracts listed below were presented.

Resident Research Day 2022  |  April 27, 2022

  • lmplementation of a Pan-Ethnic carrier panel: Effect on equity in antenatal screening
    Briana O’Leary
    (Mentor Dr. Nicole Smith)
  • Racial differences in indications for obstetrical toxicology testing and relationship of indications to test results
    Nicola Perlman
    (Mentor Dr. Nicole Smith)
  • Mode of delivery and unplanned cesarean: Differences in rates and indication by race, ethnicity, and sociodemographic characteristics.
    Alexandria Williams
    (Mentor: Dr. Nicole Smith)
  • Female Genital Cutting and Obstetric Outcomes
    Marie Bangura
    (Mentor: Dr. Nawal Nour)
  • Investigating decreased rates of nulliparous Cesarean deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Colleen Sinnott
    (Mentor Dr. Sarah Little)
  • Deep Pelvic Side Wall Anatomy; A Case of Laparoscopic Management of Vaginal Vault Fistula to the Presacral Area
    Golnaz Namazi
    (Mentor: Dr. Jon Einarsson)
  • An orientation of ICU nurses to their impact on the professional development of young physicians
    Olivia Foley
    (Mentor Dr. Lori Berkowitz)
  • Association between peripartum hysterectomy and venous thromboembolism
    Logan Mauney
    (Mentor Dr. Mark Clapp)
  • Disparities in NSTV rates and CS indication between practice groups within Mass General Brigham
    Oliva Buck
    (Dr. Sharlay Butler)
  • Risk of Venous Thromboembolism for Ovarian Cancer Patients during First-Line Therapy after Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Protocol
    Sue Li
    (Dr. Kevin Elias)
  • Predicting the need for transfusion in patients undergoing laparoscopic hysterectomy
    Hilary Haber
    (Drs. Adeliine Boatin and Colleen Feltmate)